The Hamilton Corner, American Family Network, Frank Gaffney, “The Indictment,” May 19, 2023 – Frank Gaffney, Executive Chairman and Founder of the Center for Security Policy, steps into “The Corner” to discuss his new book: The Indictment.

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15:00 – 31:00. Frank Gaffney, Executive Chairman and Founder of the Center for Security Policy, steps into “The Corner” to discuss his new book: The Indictment.





Abraham Hamilton: Welcome back to the Hamilton Corner, Abraham Hamilton, the third here. I’m excited to have on the program with me a brother in the faith, a blessing to our nation. He is the executive chairman, executive chairman and founder. Founder of the Center for Security Policy, and he’s also host of Securing America with Frank Gaffney. That airs right here on American Family Radio. And he’s also the author of a brand new book titled The Indictment Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party and Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World. My guest is none other than Mr. Frank Gaffney. Thank you so much for joining me here on the program.

Frank Gaffney: It’s a real privilege. Thank you for having me in. Thank you for the chance to talk with your audience about something that may well impact their lives very dramatically. And they [00:16:00] have a need to know. Absolutely.

Abraham Hamilton: Absolutely. You are one of the few and I said this before we came on on the air, one of the few people who have have accurately diagnosed the impact of the communist Chinese regime and the necessity of America moving towards a decoupling from the Chinese Communist Party. So I want to start right with the recent revelations that we’ve had from the House Oversight Committee that has revealed with financial data. And I don’t think a lot of people realize that this is not the opinions of some right wing commentator or left wing commentator. These are the results of scouring bank records that show payments coming to the Biden family from among the other nations, the the Chinese, the Communist Chinese party and entities connected to it. What is your reaction to these revelations that are coming to the public for.

Frank Gaffney: Well, I wish they weren’t what they are, which is the smoking gun, I believe, [00:17:00] of the kind of evidence that, frankly, was pretty abundant in Hunter Biden’s, you know, what they call it, the laptop from hell. But you now have not only the records of bank transactions, but also the lengths to which the Biden crime family and I think that term is apt went to try to conceal what they were doing to take in money to distribute it to family members, to use shell companies to have a whole host of bank accounts and the like. What’s I think most important in a way about all of that is it confirms not only the true character of Joe Biden’s relationship with, well, not just the Chinese Communist Party, but Chinese intelligence, as namely that it was a pay to play kind of deal [00:18:00] influence peddling. That works. But what it says really about how the Chinese Communist Party operates more generally and the space they call elite capture. Joe Biden is a poster boy for the phenomenon, but he’s hardly the only one. There are dozens of members of his administration, including very senior ones, who have similarly been captured, I believe, and that’s the term the Chinese use elite capture. But they have also gone after members of Congress. They’ve gone after mavens of Wall Street, business leaders in the tech industry and so many others the media, academia, Hollywood, you name it. It’s a comprehensive, systematic and highly successful program that has given rise. Thank you for mentioning the subtitle of the indictment. It’s not just about the Chinese Communist Party and the need to prosecute them, at least in the court of public opinion. Abe. It’s [00:19:00] also their friends. It’s the people who have been enabling their criminal conduct because, after all, properly understood it is a transnational criminal organization we’re dealing with here, not a political party or not even really a government. It’s the mafia on steroids.

Abraham Hamilton: And I want to say this right now, I’m holding a copy of Frank’s book in my hand, the indictment. And as you mentioned, the subtitle, Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party and Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World. You can get this book wherever books are sold. But specifically, I want to direct you to the indictment The indictment, is the website where you can get this book. And the purpose here, I’m just going to tell you plainly, I’m not interested in just hawking the book. I’m interested in providing the American people with the resources we need to do our jobs as the founders intended, as to hold our public [00:20:00] servants accountable for us to preserve this experiment of self-governance. So the indictment is where I want to direct you to go to get this book. But I want to invite you, Frank, to explain, for those who may not have even heard the term before, what is this phenomenon that the Chinese use called elite capture?

Frank Gaffney: Well, it’s I think, basically doing whatever it takes. Usually it’s money. Sometimes it’s, you know, sex or other inducements, shall we say, or the coercion that can flow from them occasionally. And I think this is particularly true within Democratic circles. Unfortunately, there’s a ideological component to it and affinity. But whatever, you know, hook they can use, they try to acquire individuals in positions of leadership or prospective leadership [00:21:00] and bend them to their will. And what that means is basically, you know, people that we look to for at least some better understanding of the world or protecting us from its evils may not be doing that job because they’re actually working for our mortal enemies. And I think that’s been painfully obvious with respect to Joe Biden, both as vice president of the United States and in his subsequent roles. And frankly, especially even I hate to say this, but we’ve drawn as kind of the feedstock for these important charges against the Chinese Communist Party. You mentioned one earlier, the crimes against humanity, the murder of some one. 100 million people in China, principally some of them Chinese, some of them Tibetans [00:22:00] or Uighurs or South Mongolians, Hong Kongers, but also eight different charges associated with what we call war crimes against our country. These are various lines of attack that they’ve used, including elite capture, to weaken us and ultimately take us down without firing a shot.

Frank Gaffney: And in this regard, I think what’s particularly important is our audience has to understand that the individuals who are on the take from the Chinese Communist Party cannot be trusted, especially if what’s in prospect now. And the people who contributed to our webinar is some 70 of them, all of which are available for free, by the way, at present, Danger are persuaded that a shooting war is what the Chinese Communist Party has in mind next. And not just in Taiwan or against, you know, the Taiwanese or others in the Pacific, but against us as well. Our assets, our personnel and maybe even our territory. And [00:23:00] we simply cannot stand, frankly, having in a time such as this, people who are playing for the other team having anything to do with leadership of our country in the public or private sectors for that matter. So one of the action items that we’ve got, 20 of them that we identify, arguably the single most important of them is trying to make sure that these captured elites are not in a position to continue to work for the other side instead of for us man.

Abraham Hamilton: So much is going through my mind listening to you right now because for a lot of Americans, thankfully not many in the Hamilton Corner audience, but a lot of Americans around the country who would hear what you just said and they would be dumbfounded. Like, what are you so so are you saying, Mr. Gaffney, that Chinese spy activities, espionage activities and even corrupting people in positions of power has already happened? That is a revelation for many of [00:24:00] these people. What would you say to someone who’s having a hard time digesting that as a concept as actually having already transpired?

Frank Gaffney: Well, as you said yourself, you don’t have to look too far for the evidence, whether it’s Hunter’s laptop or James Comer’s revelations last week or the contents of this book and our 70 webinars. You know, a major thrust of this series of webinars we’ve done 70 or so of them is the unrestricted warfare. Just trying to explain what that looks like. Most of us aren’t even aware that it’s been happening. You know, I’m fond of saying I’m a child of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and when I was growing up, it was Steel City. It was the heart of a vibrant industrial sector in our country. No more. It’s now part of the Rust Belt, as they say. And most of us just think that Rust Belt thing was just a natural occurrence. It wasn’t. It was a product of that unrestricted warfare’s economic attack on our country, our infrastructure, [00:25:00] our industrial base. So the problem is that in addition to not really understanding the kind of warfare the Chinese Communist Party has waged against us for decades, we’ve not understood that our elites have been captured. So we also focused on exposing that naming names were appropriate and really documenting how central to the success of the Chinese Communist Party’s unrestricted warfare has been. The people we look to for leadership in our own country. And is it any wonder really just common sense tells you if they are benefiting from this arrangement? Why would we expect captured elites to let any of us know what’s actually going on? That’s the rub. Our book is intended the indictment to try to break through that and more to the point, to take corrective action in this regard in so many others by forcing the resignation of people who have betrayed their country [00:26:00] in their various capacities. Where appropriate, impeaching them. And certainly as needed, prosecuting them for that betrayal.

Abraham Hamilton: Man, I have a two fold question. I’m trying to make it as succinct as I can. You said there are corrective action steps that we can and must take in order to stop this. I mean, the Chinese have been at war with us for quite some time. Most of many Americans don’t even realize that. But what can be done to stop it? Is it too late to do so? And in terms of exposing these captured elites? You said you name names where appropriate. Who are some of these people that are captured?

Frank Gaffney: Some of the people who have been captured, of course, are in our political leadership, mentioned Joe Biden, of course, at Accountability Initiative. Org. People can find dossiers of about 2425. I think other members of his administration who have similarly been in one way or another. [00:27:00] And then there are the Larry Finks and the Ray Dalio’s and the Steve Schwarzman’s and the leaders of Vanguard and Fidelity on Wall Street who have similarly been captured. And by the way, thanks to a deal that Joe Biden arranged when he was vice president of the United States, the Wall Street guys have been able to allow Chinese companies to have access to our capital markets without them having to conform to our statutes. Our regulations mean no American company gets that kind of sweetheart deal, no other foreign company, for that matter, just the Chinese. And they have taken advantage of it to transfer, by some estimates, 3 to $6 trillion to the Chinese Communist Party. You can buy a lot of unrestricted warfare for that. But then there are leaders in, you know, Disney and other places in the business sector, the high tech sector, the apples, the Googles. But the [00:28:00] main thing is the names are. Yes, interesting. But the role that’s being played and the damage that’s being done is what we really need to focus on. And as I say, 20 steps that would make a big difference in the future direction of this country or in the indictment. And I hope we’ll be taken to heart by both the American people and those who they’ve elected to represent them, especially now.

Abraham Hamilton: I don’t believe you would have written this book if you thought we were too far gone. But is it too late for us to take the necessary corrective steps that we need to in order to thwart Xi Jinping’s effort to crush liberty, destroy our country, and institute what he calls global governance directed and enforced from Beijing.

Frank Gaffney: It’s not too late, I believe. Certainly it’s not too late if God is still on our side. And I think one of the most important takeaways from all of this has to be that we are in the midst of a spiritual war between [00:29:00] evil and good. And with God’s grace, obviously everything is possible without it. I’m not sure that we aren’t too far gone, quite frankly, but it behooves us either way to do everything we can. You know, my old boss, Ronald Reagan, used to say, Every generation faces an existential threat to freedom. This is ours. It is arguably the greatest in certainly our country’s history, and I think possibly in all of history. We need to rise to that challenge so that we can bequeath to our children, as our forefathers bequeathed to us the kind of America that we have been privileged to live in.

Abraham Hamilton: And I think the lack of alarm in the upper echelons of influence and power in our nation reveals just how effective this elite capture strategy, this this unrestricted warfare strategy from China has been, how effective it’s been the indictment that is the title of your book that [00:30:00] is available everywhere. Guys, go to indictment. The indictment to get your copy. Indictment is a term as a prosecutor, major felony prosecutor for over for a decade. Is the formal term is the term used to formalize criminal accusations against a charged party. You’ve chosen this as the title for your book. Why was that title the appropriate title? To communicate the ideas and the information that are in the book?

Frank Gaffney: Well, think for the reasons we’ve discussed, what we’re dealing with is a transnational criminal organization is therefore, I think, important for us to think of what it’s doing to us as crimes, whether it’s crimes against humanity, which they’ve to this point principally conducted against their own people. Though I would argue the murder of a million of ours with their biological warfare attack is an unprecedented crime against this country’s [00:31:00] people as well. But those other crimes we need.

Abraham Hamilton: Uh. Mhm. Frank Gaffney has been my guest. Thank you so much for joining me here today. The book is titled The Indictment Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party and Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World. Go to the indictment,, to get your copy of this book. The purpose here is to provide resources to allow you and myself and all of us to make our contributions to thwarting this threat. Frank, thank you so much for joining me today. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses this book, and I pray that it inspires this generation of Americans to respond to your former boss, Ronald Reagan’s prescient wisdom.