Frank Gaffney with Bobby Gunther Walsh, May 16, 2023

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Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:01:00] Joining [00:01:00] me is Frank Gaffney to talk about his book, The Indictment Prosecuting the Chinese Party and Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World. Frank is also the founder of the Center for Security Policy Center for Security Policy. Org, I believe the book available at, Barnes and Noble and all the usual places. Frank, good morning.

Frank Gaffney: [00:01:22] Good morning to you, sir.

Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:01:24] As the book is out, am I right that so they can get at Barnes and Noble,, etcetera?

Frank Gaffney: [00:01:29] There’s supposed to be able to it seems to be selling like wildfire on Amazon. So I think that’s a safe bet. But I think most places where books are sold, it’s available.

Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:01:37] “The Indictment prosecuting the Chinese Party and Friends for Crimes against America, China and the World.” So tell me what crimes?

Frank Gaffney: [00:01:47] Nine of them, to be precise. The first and most egregious is crimes against humanity, mostly unbelievably, against the Chinese Communist [00:02:00] Party’s own people, or at least some of their own people, and some that they have enslaved 100 million Chinese and Tibetans and Uighurs and Mongolians and the like have been killed by the Chinese Communist Party over the past 70 odd years. And that doesn’t count another 400 million, some say 500 million maybe, that have been killed as babies in the womb. This is a monstrosity that is unparalleled in the course of human history. And the key piece of it for us is not only the solidarity we should feel with the victims, but also so that’s what the Chinese Communist Party would do to us if it gets its hands on us and probably worse. The other eight charges in this indictment speak to various what we call war crimes committed by a transnational criminal organization, which was what the Chinese [00:03:00] Communist Party really is against the United States as part of what they call and very explicitly the unrestricted warfare that the CCP has been waging against us for decades. And whether it’s economic warfare, whether it’s the political subversion of our country, whether it’s the elite capture of our elites, whether it’s energy warfare or biological warfare, or taking down our military and more, it’s all been enabled to varying degrees by Americans who have been captured, as the Chinese like to say, by their influence, operations and other criminal activities.

Frank Gaffney: [00:03:44] And the effect has been devastating. And so we go through in this book drawing upon a wealth of information that we’ve developed in some 70 different webinars conducted by the Committee on the present Danger China over the past [00:04:00] 11 months or so, all of which are available for free online at present. Danger And if you go to the book you can see a QR code that will bring them right up. If you are interested in learning more about the points that we make in the book. But the main thrust of it is we have to end the leadership that is being well supplied, shall we say, by friends of China that is helping take down our country. And we need to respond to the Chinese efforts to do just that through this wide variety of means. And unfortunately, probably next, the old fashioned kind of warfare, the shooting kind.

Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:04:43] So this you said it was the committee on the present danger of China. Was that the name of the committee?

Frank Gaffney: [00:04:48] Yeah the committee on the present danger China and Present danger is the website where you can find an enormous amount of information about all of these points.

Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:04:57] All right, great. So the committee on the present danger of China and then [00:05:00] again the present danger of the book again I’m talking about with Frank Gaffney. He is the author. This is his book and this is called It’s the the Indictment Prosecuting the Chinese Party and Friends for Crimes Against America and China and the world. So the crimes against America, China, he just kind of went over those. But who are the friends? Who do you perceive as China’s friends that are also committing these crimes?

Frank Gaffney: [00:05:27] Well, friends is a term that the Chinese communists use themselves to describe such folks as well. Most obviously, Joe Biden, the president and. Of course, commander in chief of the United States military. That’s kind of a problem that he has been captured by our mortal enemies, the CCP. Then there are the leaders of the financial sector on Wall Street. They’ve transferred some 3 to $6 trillion of our money through the capital markets to China, which has enabled all [00:06:00] the rest of the unrestricted warfare against us. There are names like Larry Fink and Ray Dalio and Steve Schwarzman and the guys at Vanguard and Fidelity have been doing this and continue to do it, even though it’s now palpable that they will lose all of their clients money in China if and I think it’s a matter of really when the Chinese Communist Party goes to war. The shooting gun against not just Taiwan, by the way, but against us as well. Yeah. So leaders of business and media and you know, the academic sector and Hollywood and on and on, they’ve fairly systematically hoovered up people that are willing to pay handsomely to betray their country. And, you know, we’re documenting how that’s been done and the consequences for America as a result.

Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:06:55] Yeah, it’s call it what you want. I mean, I’m all for big corporations. I’m all for business. But [00:07:00] ultimately, they’ve done nothing but corporate greed. They’ve they’ve shipped jobs out that they didn’t want to do here. And then when they don’t, can’t get this job shipped out, what do they do? They import and they import illegal immigrants to take over the jobs of Americans. So either way, they’re destroying America. And China has a role, by the way. I have a retired IRS agent on the show quite often, Michael Cutler, and he was the one that’s telling me about China and Iran having places, staging camps down in Central America and staging everything there. This is this this is not this is this is this migrant. This mass migration is Chinese. And our enemies inspired by our enemies. They are part of the plan. This is part of the deliberate takedown of America. They’re deliberately doing this. This isn’t by chance, folks. This isn’t happenstance. This mass migration isn’t. That part isn’t. And then again, what he just said about the Friends of China, the corporate greed, the Bidens, isn’t it interesting today, now that the IRS took every person [00:08:00] working on the Hunter Biden tax returns because of the whistleblower? They’re not supposed to punish whistleblowers. They took everybody that was working on that off the case. They’re all gone. What’s your reaction to that?

Frank Gaffney: [00:08:12] Well, again, as the Soviets used to say, it’s no accident, comrade. And I think you’re absolutely right, Mike Cutler. Michael Cutler is a good guy and he knows his stuff. And he’s right. Unfortunately, what’s also happening, in addition to the just mass migration of illegals from all over the world, by the way, but also from China is of late what my friends on the ground down there in the Darién Gap, for example, are seeing is large numbers of military age, unaccompanied Chinese men who seem curiously to have the same backpacks and canteens, all of them. And they are seemingly also traveling in [00:09:00] groups north to our border. That is not just the takedown of our economy and having, you know, workers taking jobs from, you know, Americans and the like. That is almost certainly the makings of an insurgency. Trojan horse country to.

Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:09:21] Trojan Horse.

Frank Gaffney: [00:09:22] Yeah, it is a Trojan horse to be tied to whatever the Chinese decide to do to us externally. And that could be disastrous for America. So we’re interested in prosecuting this case as aggressively as we can. First and foremost, in the as they call it, the court of public opinion to arouse the American people. And obviously, you’re doing that with your program, thank God. But we need to alert them to the nature of this enemy. How far advanced is its program for taking down our country, the help that it’s getting and what we can do about it? The book, the indictment, has 20 different steps that we’re [00:10:00] recommending must be taken if we’re to save our country or to free it from the malign influence of the Chinese Communist Party’s aiders and abettors in these various sectors of our country, private and public, and the kind of war footing we have to get on just as they’ve gone on one and the kinds of reciprocal actions that we must take. If, you know, they’re not, you know, allowing us, for example, to buy land all over their country, including next to their strategic, you know, assets and the like. I mean, these are just mostly common sense. But they need to be said. And more to the point. My old boss, Ronald Reagan, made a course correction with respect to the last totalitarian communist regime that sought our destruction, namely the Soviet Union. He did it systematically. He got a mandate to do it from the American people, and it was done without firing a shot. We’ve got to be about [00:11:00] the same thing and right quick, because the hour is very late. I pray to God that it’s not too late. But with his help, I’m sure that all things can be done. And with yours and your audience. I know that’s the case as well.

Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:11:14] Yeah. Who do you see as capable of doing the Reagan the Reagan type thing? Is it I mean, I’m not I don’t want you to pick a winner, but I feel Trump has proven he can get things done without going to war. But and I also think, by the way, if we go to war, we’re so overextended militarily right now and the Chinese have more now more ships than we do, they’re not as advanced technologically. But I think if if China invades Taiwan, I don’t know that that’s a war. If it comes to shots, I don’t know that we can win that. What say you And and with you. Who’s the better leader? Biden, Trump, DeSantis, somebody else.

Frank Gaffney: [00:11:54] Well, let me just say, this country requires leadership [00:12:00] that understands this problem and has the resolve to do something about it. Joe Biden is manifestly disqualified from all of that because he has been captured by the Chinese Communist Party. That’s being documented more and more by the day, including by James Comer and the Oversight Committee last week as to which of several Republicans will prove worthy of this. It starts with, you know, do they get it and do they articulate what their policies will be? We have a track record from Donald Trump, by and large. Got it. On China. In fact, long before he became president, he was stymied in much of what he wanted to do by people like Steve Mnuchin, a Wall Street guy at the Treasury Department who wanted no part of taking down the Chinese Communist Party. We need not only a president, but an administration that understands this. And they need a mandate from the American people. That’s the other piece [00:13:00] of this, and that’s what we’re trying to help accomplish with this book that lays out the case, talks about the damage that’s been done and the penalties that should be applied in response, but also the positive steps that we need to take. And one of them is rebuilding the military. You’re absolutely right. It’s not just overextended, it’s being taken down. I use that term very advisedly. Joe Biden and his team, I think of this as the third Obama Biden term. They have been assiduously working since the first of those three terms under Barack Obama to fundamentally transform the military, not just America, but the military and they’ve done it with a vengeance. Today we’re driving out the best warriors we have. They’re not signing up. They’re not staying in. And they’re otherwise being brainwashed to believe this is a country unworthy of their sacrifice and demoralized.

Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:13:55] The ones that stay are totally demoralized.

Frank Gaffney: [00:13:58] You bet. Or worse, they’re throwing [00:14:00] in with this woke nonsense. There’s a guy that’s being considered to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who stands to be more woke than Mark Milley, the guy we’ve got now. You hardly believe it could get worse, but it can. And that’s what Biden has in mind now. Is he doing it at the express orders of the Chinese Communist Party? I suspect so. But whether it’s just his own, you know, misconduct, which is outrageous, egregious, I mean, selling out our country, you know, influence peddling, other criminal conduct and his son on top of it, Of course, this has to stop. We cannot especially if, God forbid, the Chinese communists do decide to go to a shooting war. They’re not going to confine themselves to Taiwan. They’re going to be coming after our assets, our personnel and our territory as well. We cannot have a man who works for them as our commander in chief. [00:15:00] It has to be fixed and it has to be fixed on an emergency basis, in my view. And that starts with, I guess if he won’t resign, if he doesn’t have the good grace, the the ethical fiber to recognize what he’s done is disqualifying and endangering our country. He must be impeached, it seems to me.

Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:15:21] Yeah, but we don’t have the we don’t have the the the starts.

Frank Gaffney: [00:15:25] It starts by putting the process in motion. And that’s what I think we have to do across the board, whether it’s an impeachment, because they’re government officials or whether it’s the forced resignation because they’re in the financial sector. And look at this. You’ve got our money. As I said earlier, it’s been invested in China. Ray Dalio, as an example, as a guy who has made billions off of investing his clients money in China, he’s just come back from China. And he says publicly he thinks there is going to be a shooting war between our country and theirs. And I asked a friend of mine who’s a big deal on Wall Street in the past, [00:16:00] you know, as he told any of his clients, they’d better get their money out of China because they’ll lose it all if they don’t. The answer was no, which means to me that he doesn’t care about his clients doing what he’s told to do.

Speaker5: [00:16:11] All about the greed in Beijing. It’s all about us.

Frank Gaffney: [00:16:13] They have got to go, too.

Speaker5: [00:16:14] Yep.

Bobby Gunther Walsh: [00:16:14] It’s all about the greed. Frank Gaffney again. Frank Gaffney, the book is “The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Party and Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World.” And you can find out more. Again, just I guess the best thing now is Present danger Or again, the book, Barnes and The book again, “The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Party and Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World.” Frank Gaffney, thank you, sir.

Frank Gaffney: [00:16:44] Thank you.