Frank Gaffney with Jeff Stein, May 12, 2023

Frank Gaffney, Author of “The Indictment” — Fri. May 12, 2023


Jeff Stein: [00:00:00] Kxan News time is 924 live on this Friday morning.

Jeff Stein: [00:00:03] And joining us now on the news line is Frank Gaffney. You know Mr. Gaffney from his program Securing America on Saturday afternoons at one. The new book released earlier this week, “The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party and Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World.” Mr. Gaffney, good morning. Privileged to speak with you, sir.

Frank Gaffney: [00:00:23] The privilege is mine. Good morning.

Jeff Stein: [00:00:25] Tell us why this book is necessary at this time. What led you to marshal all this evidence and put it into book form?

Frank Gaffney: [00:00:34] Well, it’s needed at this time because what has been going on against our country for decades, mostly unnoted by the American people, is a form of warfare. It’s been, as they say, pre kinetic to this point. But. It’s been deadly, [00:01:00] including the use of biological weapons by the Chinese Communist Party against this country and others around the world with the loss of a million plus lives here in the United States alone. But what’s particularly driving this effort is not just the need to correct that, to to stop it and to punish the Chinese for it, what we call war crimes against our country, as well as their crimes against humanity, mostly their own people. But there’s something else that’s going on now, and that is that it appears that the Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping, its dictator, has made the decision to go to another level of warfare against us, a shooting war. And it’s our view that we need to have every American understand that prospect. And [00:02:00] the adopting a series of 20 different recommendations in the book as to what we must do to prevent that from happening, hopefully, and to assure that it cannot be done decisively against us resulting in our defeat.

Jeff Stein: [00:02:16] How is it that we allow this to happen? Obviously, there have been major attempts to be friendly with the Chinese. It is a good trading partner, quite obviously, but how is it that we have missed their intention so markedly?

Frank Gaffney: [00:02:34] Well, they adopted back in the early 1990s a strategy that its author, the then leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Deng Xiaoping, called the hide and bide strategy, hide from us their true intentions and be patient. You know, work assiduously to use these kinds of unrestricted warfare techniques [00:03:00] to both undermine us, weaken us, defeat us if they could, without firing a shot, even as they used our technology, our intellectual property, our money for that matter, to build up a military option to defeat us decisively, which I think they they believe they have now, that option and critical to this, which is why this is such an important question, is, as we document in the book and well, James Colmer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, did this week, we have captured elites running not just our government, but the financial sector, as I mentioned, business more generally, academia, the media, pop culture captured, in other words, by the Chinese Communist Party. Joe Biden happens to be the poster child of that phenomenon as we are learning. But it’s true [00:04:00] in all of these sectors, and it creates, first of all, a kind of willful blindness on the part of those who are selling us out, but also to the extent that we are kind of entrusting to those leaders the best interests of the country and protecting them, you know, especially in our government, we’re not getting the warning signals from them that something is amiss here. To the contrary, we’re being told everything’s just fine and they’re profiting handsomely from it. We’ve seen that in the Biden case quite graphically, but they’re not alone. And those guys that I mentioned transferred something between 3 to $6 trillion from our capital markets to China have profited handsomely from it as well. So this is basically why so few of us are clued up and why this is metastasized to the extent it has.

Jeff Stein: [00:04:59] Frank Gaffney [00:05:00] is founder and executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy. They are online at Center for Security His new book, released earlier this week, is entitled “The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party and Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World.” Mr. Gaffney joins us live on Newstalk 1540 Kcxl. You lay out very specific steps that should be taken. What confidence do you have that those in a position to assume electoral roles, members of Congress, the next president, etcetera, what confidence do you have that they have the strength and fortitude to actually carry this plan out?

Frank Gaffney: [00:05:46] I don’t have high confidence at the moment, which is why I wrote the book. Quite frankly, it’s I was imprinted as a young man with the leadership of a guy that I subsequently had the privilege of working for Ronald Reagan, who in [00:06:00] the run up to the 1980 campaign, decided that he wanted to lay out an alternative strategy to the one that what we now call it, engagement with China. They called it detente with the Soviet Union. He wanted to roll them back and put them on the ash heap of history and so on. We win, they lose. And that’s the sort of thing he went to the American people to seek a mandate to do that. And in the process, in the course of the 1980 campaign and subsequently he educated them about the nature of the evil empire, how it had to be stopped. That needs to be done today. The existential threat to freedom, as he called it, of our time, is, if anything, vastly more serious than the one that I helped. In a small way. Him and our leadership more generally to face in the Soviet era. And we need to rise to it. But it starts, I think, and I hope this book we can help equip leaders, elected leaders and others go to the American people, educate [00:07:00] them, get their support and get a mandate for a course correction that’s desperately needed at this time.

Jeff Stein: [00:07:07] This is different than the Russian detente situation, is it not, because of the free exchange of money and the fact that so many people in this country now, 40 years after the Reagan situation, people have so much invested in profit personally from China, much more so than was the case in terms of profiting from the then Soviet Union.

Frank Gaffney: [00:07:31] You’re absolutely right. That was part and parcel of Deng Xiaoping’s hide and bide strategy. He wanted to see what could be done to enmesh the United States and others in the West, for that matter, in China as possible, so that it would be difficult, if not well, as a practical matter, impossible to sever those ties, as Reagan did with the Soviet Union, which had far fewer of them. That [00:08:00] said, it’s still possible and it certainly is still necessary. I mean, it is inconceivable if we’re thinking that they’re going to go to war with us, the old fashioned kind of shooting war that will still be able to have those dependencies on Chinese supply chains that will will get money out of China that we’ve invested there, that in any other way we will have some kind of normal business as usual, I should say. Not really normal, but business as usual relationship with China. It’s not all. It won’t happen. And the devastation that could befall us if we don’t prepare for it and this is one of our recommendations is we need to get on a war footing, much as the Chinese are, so that, you know, we’re better equipped if and when they do decide to go to war in that fashion, that the loss of those supply chains or other kinds of engagement with them will be more manageable. But it’s going to be hard, there’s no doubt about it. But that’s why we’ve got to get cracking on this right away. Hence the book. And [00:09:00] let me just say, I’m gratified by the fact that the book has become a bestseller on Amazon and number one bestseller in a number of categories, in fact, which I think speaks to the fact that the American people want this kind of information. They know something is wrong. They know there needs to be a course correction. And I’m hopeful that they will take this aboard. Both the indictment, part of it for the war crimes against us, the crimes against humanity and those 20 action steps that have to be taken right quick.

Jeff Stein: [00:09:30] The book is called “The Indictment.” The author, Frank Gaffney. Mr. Gaffney, a privilege to speak with you. Thank you for the time. I hope we talk again.

Frank Gaffney: [00:09:38] I look forward to it. Thank you so much for your time.

Jeff Stein: [00:09:40] Frank Gaffney of the Center for. Security policy. Center for Security Policy. Org Again, Real America’s Voice Saturday afternoons at one. The new book, “The Indictment Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party and Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World.” It was released [00:10:00] by War Room Books this past Tuesday. And KCL News time now on this Friday morning is 934.