Frank Gaffney with Monica Crowley Podcast, July 13, 2023

The Monica Crowley Podcast: Turning America Into A Vassal State On this important show, Monica takes apart America’s leftist leaders’ open admiration of the Chinese Communist model and does a deep dive into the existential CCP threat with Frank Gaffney, presi… The Monica Crowley Podcast – see full transcript below HIGHLIGHTS Monica Crowley: [00:45:27] Yes, … Read more

Frank Gaffney with Naresh Vissa: Indicting China for the Pandemic, June 1, 2023

S4E18: Indicting China for the Pandemic with Center for Security Policy Founder Frank Gaffney Frank Gaffney is Founder and President at The Center for Security Policy and bestselling author of the new book THE INDICTMENT: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party & Friends for Crimes against America, China, and the World. He breaks down China’s place in … Read more

Frank J. Gaffney on The Steve Hook Show – 31 May 2023

Steve Hook, May 15, 2023 HIGHLIGHTS Steve Hook: [00:54:38] Well, listen, God bless you, Frank Gaffney. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for getting the word out. Folks, the book is–and it’s a good one–“The Indictment.” It’s “The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party and Friends for Crimes against America, China and the … Read more

Frank Gaffney with Randy Purham, May 26, 2023

Purham & Associates Show | May 26, 2023 Special guest: Frank Gaffney, Author, “The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party & Friends for Crimes Against America, China, and the World.” FULL TRANSCRIPT Randy Purham: [00:00:04] You are watching the exceptional Conservative network. For more information, go to w-w-w dot TCN Hey, [00:01:00] good day … Read more

Frank Gaffney: Prosecuting The CCP | Mike Gallagher, May 24, 2023

Frank Gaffney: Prosecuting The Chinese Communist Party For Crimes Against The World No Description With Mike Gallagher – See transcript below. HIGHLIGHTS COMING SOON   FULL TRANSCRIPT Mike Gallagher: Got a lot of interesting warriors that are in the battle. And Frank Gaffney is somebody I’ve followed and admired for years. He’s the founder and … Read more