Frank Gaffney with Randy Purham, May 26, 2023

Purham & Associates Show | May 26, 2023

Special guest: Frank Gaffney, Author, “The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party & Friends for Crimes Against America, China, and the World.”


Randy Purham: [00:00:04] You are watching the exceptional Conservative network. For more information, go to w-w-w dot TCN Hey, [00:01:00] good day to you all. Welcome. Permanent associates. I’m your host, Randy Purham. I hope you all had a fantastic week. So far it’s been a relatively [00:02:00] mild week for me, so that’s good. But the weekend is still in store and we’ll see what happens from there as usual. But anyways, hey, I’ve got a great, great treat for you all today. I’ve got a very special guest with us. And to most of you out there, he is no stranger. But to those that may not be familiar, we have Frank Gaffney with us today. And Frank is the founder and executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy, a nonpartisan organization that champions peace through strength. He is the vice chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger, and which is China and the host of Securing America with Frank Gaffney, a daily television program on Real America’s Voice network and her nationally as well, on the American Family Radio Network. His syndicated Secure Freedom Minute is heard daily on hundreds of stations nationwide. Mr. Gaffney acted as President Ronald Reagan’s assistant secretary of defense for international security policy. [00:03:00] The senior position in the Department of Defense with responsibility for policies involving the US and the USSR relations, nuclear forces, arms control, missile defense, missile defense policy and US European defense ties. Without further ado, presented the summit, introducing the others. Mr. Frank Gaffney. Good day to you, sir.

Frank Gaffney: [00:03:26] Thank you.

Randy Purham: [00:03:27] Absolutely. Thank you for joining me and taking time. I know you’re getting ready for your show, so we’re going to jump right into it. I know how it is. I know how it is. I want to ask you. The other day you were at a press conference discussing the WHO, the World Health Organization exiting out, what the US getting pulled out of the WHO because there are some things going on for force for foundational purposes here. I’m going to play the clip here for the audience.

[TAPE Rep. Ralph Norman(?)] [00:03:59] It’s a Huge [00:04:00] concern. The reason my colleagues behind me are here is to call attention to something that is very serious and threatens this country. The reason is on May 21st through May 30th, it’s a possibility that this president will be giving away our sovereignty. It’s a possibility that every several agencies have been compromised by China, which they have. What Tedros has done is undermine not only the W.H.O., but every country that’s a member. We sent out a letter on May 10th to Kevin McCarthy to defund for the United States, to defund the World Health Organization. We are now putting in roughly 700 million, which is which is unbelievable that this country is doing that. The reason is to call attention to it. The reason is to make sure this country is not undermined [00:05:00] by what Joe Biden and his administration is doing. I’ve got Frank Gaffney, who I don’t think has come yet. But if you if you want a if you want here he is. If you want a good rundown of what the perils we’re facing, you need to read this book. Frank was in the Reagan administration. He’s a true patriot. And let me call on him to say a few words. And folks, we’ve got 18 House members that are going to speak. I’m going to ask for you all to be under a minute and a half. And because I want everybody to be heard. Frank, would you come forward, sir?

TAPE-Frank Gaffney: [00:05:38] Thank you, Congressman. Thanks to all of you, most especially thanks to all of you. The Chinese Communist Party runs the World Health Organization. It runs the World Health Organization in furtherance of its long standing objective of global governance. [00:06:00] That’s one world government. There’s no room in the in the world government for the United States of America, certainly not the free America that we love. We’ve created a sovereignty coalition to fight against the World Health Organization’s efforts to obtain global dominance through public health dominance. And we are very appreciative of you, Congressman Norman, most especially for taking the lead, along with your colleagues, to get us out of the World Health Organization before it finishes off America. Thank you Sir. Let’s call on Dr. Ronny Jackson.

Randy Purham: [00:06:47] Sir. Can you give us a background as to what is going on with the World Health Organization, China and the United States?

Frank Gaffney: [00:06:58] With pleasure. And thanks for [00:07:00] running the clip. It was a very, very signal moment in the history of this this fight. The background to it is and I think all of us have had some experience of it, whether we know it or not. The World Health Organization, which is an advisory body that has been around since, I think, 1948 or thereabouts, designed to try to help with transnational health emergencies. Like pandemics. Gravely deserved our country and the rest of the world. When the Chinese Communist Party unleashed what we describe in this book that the congressman was kind enough to promote the indictment, a biological warfare attack against this country and others around the world, of course, And the way it did that, the World Health Organization that is, was [00:08:00] that it essentially embraced lies the Chinese communists were promoting and a specific model of responding to the so called Covid virus and pandemic. Namely lockdowns, mask mandates. Vaccinations with inadequately tested and it turns out ineffective and dangerous vaccines. And then the requirement that people comply with those mandates by having a digital passport that would document that they were vaccinated and how many times and all the rest of it. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s because the World Health Organization simply promoted these Chinese narratives and and I think very dangerous [00:09:00] responses to the virus. And a million plus Americans are dead needlessly in many cases. As a result, the country has suffered terribly economically, politically, not least in terms of our freedoms, our constitutional rights and what we have now faced with the connivance of the Biden administration.

Frank Gaffney: [00:09:28] Is the prospect that bad as that was when the World Health Organization or W.H.O. could only provide advice, the Biden team and others are now poised, perhaps as early as this week in a meeting that’s taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, to give the World Health Organization the power to not only advise, but to mandate certain [00:10:00] behavior to tell a country when it has a public health emergency of international concern, as it’s called, and what it has to do about it, and to have a sort of compulsory quality to all of this. Well, again, we think what it did before was bad enough. The idea that it’s going to be able to tell you. What you and your doctor can do to treat you for a given. Disease or sickness. Is not only an affront to our national sovereignty, that is to say, our ability to make public health policy ourselves with accountable individuals, especially elected individuals. Having that thrown over the side is bad enough, but we’re talking about your personal sovereignty as well. You know, there’s a lot of talk about your body, your choice. Well, forget about it. If the World Health Organization has its way. So the congressman and his colleagues were valiantly representing [00:11:00] the dangers associated with this and calling for us to do the only thing that I think will make a difference at this point, which is to defund. Stop putting American taxpayer money into the World Health Organization and exit the W.H.O..

Randy Purham: [00:11:20] Mhm. You know, I heard this argument. I believe it was last year. It kind of started generating around last year about defunding and exiting the Who because of his name. Ted. Ted Rosa or something like that. Who’s the chairman of the W.H.O. and his and his embedded ties with China and how the Covid policies that were generating out of the who were just incongruent and not really actually scientific based. It was just like pushing narratives that Chinese Communist Party wanted pushed upon the world. And then it just all of a sudden that conversation just died down. It just like it just went away. And then I ran across I got the email [00:12:00] that this press conference was going on. I tuned in and here we are again. I said, Oh, they’re still talking about it. Okay. I thought it was just a one off thing. And, you know, so one and done situation. But a lot of people don’t know that the WHO is actually the World Health Organization is actually embedded with China and that it is essentially a Chinese organization. And I think you and your colleagues for bringing this to our attention, you know, and bringing it to the forefront, that this is a very, very alarming situation. And I want to ask you.

Frank Gaffney: [00:12:33] Randy, could I just clarify one point? Because it’s not that it went away. It’s that principally, I think, African nations in the session of the World Health Assembly last year said we’re not doing this now. We can discuss why they said that. But the point was they upended the apple cart and, you know, the threat to our sovereignty that was at that point seemingly [00:13:00] imminent was kicked down the road to perhaps this year, perhaps this meeting of the World Health Assembly, as it’s called, or maybe to next year we’ll see in the course of this week. But either way, the point is that we need to get out of this organization before the trap closes. The African nations, I think, may simply have been angling for more money. You know, this has happened sometimes in these outfits that are frankly very corrupt as well as typically Chinese Communist Party dominated. But the point is that we’re supposed to give them a year’s notice. Before we withdraw. So even if it’s next year, as opposed to this week, we’ve we’ve got to get this done right away, it seems to us. And so we’re calling on Speaker McCarthy to direct the appropriators in the House not to put a dime into the World Health Organization this time around as a first step towards our withdrawal [00:14:00] from the outfit. And that has to be done right quick, I think.

Randy Purham: [00:14:04] Awesome. Awesome. That’s good to know that there is a there is some timelines associated with this withdrawal. Otherwise, I absolutely think that we’re it’s just, you know, Wolf, tickets being sold, if you will, that nothing’s going to happen. And, you know, and it goes back to what I was about to ask you, with China’s Belt and Road initiative, you know, being expansive and including into the African countries, is this is this a I guess you could say a a a second pillar to trying to create a global governance under the Chinese Communist Party?

Frank Gaffney: [00:14:42] I think this is the mechanism by which whatever happens at the political level, on the ground level, China is working assiduously to become the global hegemon. And, you know, I didn’t frankly [00:15:00] understand the magnitude of this effort, this so-called Belt and Road initiative, which is basically a colonial infrastructure build out project. They offer mostly developing nations a kind of payday loan scheme whereby, you know, if you just sign here, folks, we’ll put the money in to build you airports or rail networks or roadways or, you know, seaports for that matter, where appropriate or will help you get access to mineral deposits and what have you, all of which is basically in the service of the Chinese, especially once predictably, the countries can’t make those payday loan payments. The Chinese have the right to essentially expropriate control over those assets that they’ve built. That translates into power projection facilities and assets for the [00:16:00] Chinese Communist Party. But the thing that struck me when we did a study of this, our committee on the present danger China about a almost a year ago now. Was that at that time. And I think it’s probably worse now, 147 countries around the world. Had signed on or were in some stage of negotiations to sign on to this Belt and road scheme. And that means essentially all of Africa, it means virtually all of Latin America. It means much of Central and South and Southeast Asia. It means some parts of Europe, it means even Canada and to some degree, even our own country have been penetrated by the Chinese Communist Party. And no good can come of that.

Randy Purham: [00:16:47] No, I totally agree. And, you know, I’ve been like to just say, you know, we’re reading up on it and I wrote a few papers on it during during my college tenure here over the last couple of years. And it’s just like [00:17:00] it’s very eye opening. It’s like, wow, this is a this is a very, very meticulous scheme of maneuver. And this is actually something that Xi Jinping has been doing since the 90s, you know, and establishing this this infrastructure, if you will, around the world of economic proportions. And then now we’re looking at, you know, the relationship between Russia and China as it relates to, you know, the the war with Ukraine. So there’s there’s multi layers to this. And what the United States what I’m afraid of is that the United States, the intelligence agencies and foreign policy experts, they’re not paying attention to the simple fact that at the snap of a finger, China could get involved and actually coerce the other countries that are financially beholden to China to get involved and help out Russia. And, you know, it just it just kind of like a cataclysmic event waiting to unfold. And people are not seeing that. And, you know, it’s it’s [00:18:00] one of those things I’m just like, wow, you know, you know, the the Chinese are setting up police stations, you know, in other countries. And you have one in the United States. Yes, in New York. I want to get your.

Frank Gaffney: [00:18:11] No, no, no. It’s more than one. We’re now told that the one that has now been closed is just one of 7 or 8 around the country, as a matter of fact. Yeah. Which as far as I can tell, are continuing to operate unbelievably. But but look, I commend you, Randy, for getting on this years ago. Frankly, this is something that’s been kind of a sleeper. But you’re absolutely right. If as I fear and it’s what we’re anticipating in the indictment, if we don’t deter it, China is going to go from the kind of unrestricted warfare that it’s been waging against us, the pre kinetic kind, as they say for decades, to a shooting war. And if they do, you can bet many of those countries will at the minimum be denied, [00:19:00] you know, the ability to help us in any way. But more likely than not, they will be used as platforms from which to engage us militarily as well.

Randy Purham: [00:19:11] Yeah, absolutely right. And I’m glad you you mentioned your book, “The Indictment,” and I wanted to ask you, as you had nine criminal charges that can be that can and must be brought and prosecuted and at least in the court of public opinion, but against China and the Communist Party and its American enablers. If the CCP and the trans the transnational criminal organization. Is, you know, involved in all this. And along with, you know, other friends like the Biden administration, you know, what what are what are the few charges that you outlined and what can what mechanisms do the United States have to to go after these folks?

Frank Gaffney: [00:19:52] Well, good question. The first of the nine charges is crimes against humanity, and [00:20:00] that’s to simply describe what the Chinese have done to their own people and others that they have enslaved the Tibetans, the Uighurs, Southern Mongolians. Now, Hong Kong and by some estimates, and I think they’re credible. 100 million people have been killed by the Chinese Communist Party. Again, these are Chinese or Chinese enslaved folks. That does not count, though, Randy, by estimates that the Chinese Communist Party has boasted of itself. 400 million others who were killed in the womb, babies aborted forcibly, in most cases by the Chinese communists. Some say it’s maybe 500 million now. But whatever it is, it’s unbelievably horrific. And the reason we talk about it is not just that we have, I believe. You know, a moral basis for condemning [00:21:00] what’s been done here and opposing it and trying to rectify it to the extent one can. But also, any government that treats its own people that way is not likely to treat ours better. So that’s kind of the context for what’s been going on here. And then, as I say, for at least I’d guess, 30 years now, the Chinese Communist Party has systematically been waging, what, in 1999 they publicly described as unrestricted warfare in a book of that name published by two senior colonels in the People’s Liberation Army. And that involves and we document it in the other eight charges, everything from economic warfare to subversion to elite capture to biological warfare to energy warfare, to to taking down our military.

Frank Gaffney: [00:21:58] And as you pointed [00:22:00] out, Randy, this is all being done and enabled by their friends, as they call them, in the United States, those elites that they have captured, whether it’s on Wall Street or whether it’s in other businesses or academia or the media or Hollywood or, of course, our political system in the most obvious and egregious example of that elite capture in the political system is, of course, the guy who happens to be the commander in chief of our armed forces, Joe Biden, the president of the United States. You put all this together and those charges essentially are a way to think about what we’re up against and what we have to do about it. And we have 20 different action items that we believe are necessary if we are to to both respond to what the Chinese have already done to us and deter, hopefully prevent what they have in mind for us next. [00:23:00] And I think that the combination of this very definitive discussion of what the Chinese communists have done. Are doing and have in mind doing to us that we can at the very least take, as I say, to the court of public opinion to to inform the American people, to engage them and to encourage them to give mandates to their elected representatives, to take those sorts of steps, those action items. It’s our only hope, honestly, to prevent something that could be truly. Nation ending at the hands of this mortal enemy, this existential threat to freedom.

Speaker5: [00:23:47] Wow. Frank, I you know, not to be an alarmist, but, you know, we need to sound the alarm on these things. And I’m afraid that, you know, there’s the. [00:24:00] The layers of bureaucracy and the swamp, if you will, in DC and in the Beltway. There. I don’t think. They really care. You know, they a lot of them we see, as you know, as things are unfolding between the with the Biden administration and Hunter Biden’s laptop, we see that there is multiple agencies, the FBI, CIA, Secret Service and and the who’s who of the crowds. They’re all embedded with this and they’re complicit. That’s the that’s the biggest thing. There are complicit. There’s complicity going on with, you know, China infiltrating America to take it down. And so the American people, the American people feel defenseless. They feel like, you know, there’s nothing we can do, but there are things that we could do. And you outline it in your book. And but we have to encourage not only, as you say, our elected officials to actually stand up, but we need to replace them and [00:25:00] put people in there that will do the work. And I’m afraid that by the time that comes to fruition, it’s going to be too late. Am I wrong there or are we are we kind of like in a in a right, right direction?

Frank Gaffney: [00:25:15] Well, I worry that it’s very late. I don’t think it’s too late just yet, but it is very late. And look, you put your finger on the crux of the matter. The American people, if they were aware of what is in fact, happening here, look, many of them I’m fond of saying, you know, the old line conservatives are liberals who’ve been mugged by reality. All of us have been mugged by the reality of the Chinese Communist Party’s biological warfare attack. But but many of us still don’t know that that’s what it was, let alone how it fits into all of these other lines of attack against us. And that’s really in no small measure, I would say, because the people that we look to, to [00:26:00] be keeping an eye on these things and to be warning us of them. You mentioned alarmism to to raise the alarm in the face of these real and growing dangers present. Yes. But also, you know, coming are in many cases, not everyone, obviously, but in many cases captured. And it’s in their interest not to rock the boat. They continue to get money from the Chinese or whatever else. If only nobody really raises the alarm or takes corrective action. More to the point. So it falls to us, I think, to engage. And I so appreciate you and your network doing so to explain to the public what on earth has been happening here in part at the hands of those captured elites. And you put your finger right on the problem. They have to be removed from leadership positions, you know, especially if, God [00:27:00] forbid, we are at the cusp of a shooting war with China. The idea that the guy who commands our military works for the Chinese Communist Party is completely intolerable. That can’t be allowed to happen. He has to go. So whether it’s forcing resignations or where appropriate, impeaching people or simply prosecuting those who are complicit in all of these, well, betrayals of our country, we have to take those actions as a first order of business, in my judgment.

Randy Purham: [00:27:37] Absolutely. Frank, thank you, sir. Final thoughts and where can people find you, follow you and support you?

Frank Gaffney: [00:27:47] I appreciate that so much. We have a lot of different resources. Our Center for Security Policies website is We sponsor the Committee on the Present Danger: [00:28:00] China. It’s got a fabulous website called at which your listeners and audience can find some 75. Now I believe it is webinars from which we drew to put this book together all available for free at And I encourage you to also check out the book at Amazon and wherever books are sold. Lastly, we have a television program, Securing America and Secure Freedom Radio. It’s all available at Securing And I’m at all the usual places at Frank Gaffney on social media as well.

Randy Purham: [00:28:40] Absolutely. Absolutely, sir. Thank you so much for your time. Good luck out there. And thank you for all the work that you’re doing in securing America and waking people up because it is so desperately needed. And we wish we could clone, you know, a million more like you to, you know, get the fight out there, get the word out there [00:29:00] so people can start fighting back. And so thank you.

Frank Gaffney: [00:29:03] It starts it starts with folks like you. Thank you, my friend.

Randy Purham: [00:29:05] God bless you. God bless you, too.

Frank Gaffney: [00:29:07] Take care.

Randy Purham: [00:29:08] Ladies and gentlemen, that was Frank Gaffney with Securing America. A great conversation. And I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it. Folks. You know, it is a it’s a real deal out there. You know, this is not a this is not a red herring. This is not something that, you know, we’re just talking about just to be talking about it. This is something that’s actually going on day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. You know, we have issues with, you know, the Chinese Communist Party infiltrating America, infiltrating our elected officials, infiltrating everyday Americans, and not even realizing it. We’re seeing the battle right now about TikTok, you know, a simple little app, you know, that that’s being utilized by primarily, you know, the youth, you know, 18 to 20 5 to 1835 year olds. You [00:30:00] know, an app that’s, you know, seemingly innocent. But in the background of that application, they’re collecting data and they’re getting information to know who you are, how you move, what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking about doing, you know, how much you’re spending, where are you spending it at, Things like that. You know, we may sit back and say, you know, I don’t care about that, You know, whatever, you know, Chinese. Yeah, but you know that aggregation of information. Is where problems get created. And so it’s just one of those, you know, it’s those things that. You can’t ignore it too long before it becomes the elephant in the room and you have to address that elephant in the room. Otherwise it’s going to stomp a hole in your ass. That’s that, you know, kind of thing that’s going on here, you know? So. Oh, my God, I can go all day with this. But folks, we’re going to jump to a [00:31:00] commercial break. Keep it locked right here. We’ll see you in a couple of minutes. So, yeah, because it’s it’s crazy out there. We’ll see. Be right back. You are watching the exceptional Conservative network. For more information, go to w-w-w. Dot twcn

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Randy Purham: [00:33:22] You are watching the exceptional Conservative network. For more information, go to w-w-w dot TCN Hey, welcome back. Welcome back. A couple of things. It’s Friday and this is the time we take to thank our men and women who are serving our nation around the world, making their sacrifices, commitments to our nation, our Constitution, our freedoms, and our way of life. We thank you. We salute you, and we wish you nothing but the best and and a safe journey back home to your friends, family and loved ones, wherever that may be. And most importantly. [00:34:00]

Speaker5: [00:34:03] Oh.

Randy Purham: [00:34:04] Thank you. Because without you, I wouldn’t even be able to say that to you. And, you know, as Memorial Day is approaching us, you know, it’s something to think about. And, you know, it’s a it’s a solemn time in our in our I guess you would say in our life, you know, that we have to deal with these kind of things in this in this magnitude at that. But back to what I was saying before the break about China. You know, the the. People like Frank Gaffney, who, you know, they write these books, they make that a little smaller so you can actually see what’s going on here. The indictment prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party in France for crimes against America, China and the world. This is a phenomenal title because it lays out why this what this book is. And why is this? It’s like, you know, up front that, you know, these are the reasons why [00:35:00] China and their cronies. In Washington and beyond need to be held accountable for, as he said, crimes against humanity, corruption. The list goes on and on and on and no one.

Randy Purham: [00:35:20] No one has really put forth the argument that, you know, the Chinese party, not the people in China, but the Chinese party, the Chinese Communist Party and its leaders are the ones who are the evil doers here, you know, And it’s just it’s no different than most, most tyrannical countries around the world. You know, your people are generally good, kind hearted, you know, nice people, but they get that influence of leadership that is corrupt, bad and and evil. And they have to do the will of those said people in order to just [00:36:00] survive. You know, And so when we when we were raising the alarm and we’re highlighting and pointing these things out. It is not just hyperbole. It’s not just, you know, all we’re just saying this stuff because it’s the topic of the day. No, we’re saying these things because we need to take action. To put a stop to it. That’s why we’re having this conversation. We’re letting you know what’s going on so we can muster up the forces to stop what’s going on. That is the that is the purpose. That is the intent.

Randy Purham: [00:36:32] You know As we as we discussed earlier, we talked about how, you know, how China has its Belt and Road initiative. They have the World Health Organization, the Belt and Road Initiative is a economic infrastructure plan to coerce in a sense, other countries or entice then coerce other countries around the world. And as Frank mentioned, 167 countries or something to that effect. That are [00:37:00] on board with China funding their infrastructure, the rebuilding of ports or putting in ports, airports, roads, you name it. That’s why it’s called the Belt and Road Initiative. You know, and then once once China hands them the bill, it says, okay, we’ve done this for you. This is you know, this is how much it costs. Oh, my God, $3 trillion. We can’t afford this. Oh, you can’t afford it. No problem. Instead of worrying about paying us back that money, here’s what we need you to do. And now these countries are beholden to China’s will because there is an economic tie to that. And as Frank mentioned and as I pointed out. These are things that’s happening in the United States. It is no coincidence that China has interest in buying our farmlands. There’s no there’s no there’s no coincidence that [00:38:00] they’re interested in our technology. Intellectual theft. Stealing intellectual property. Still in our technology. These are these are things that these are not just coincidental. These are not just one off situations. There is a scheme of maneuver that is being put in place for the ultimate downfall of the United States. And people just ain’t got nothing to do with that. They ain’t worry about that, you know? Okay. You ain’t got nothing to do with that until you’re speaking Mandarin next week. Oh. Can’t make this stuff up.