Frank Gaffney with Blaine Pardoe, May 16, 2023

WFP 4: The Indictment w/ Frank Gaffney

Join Author Blaine Pardoe and crew as they interview the author of “The Indictment”


WFP 4: The Indictment w/ Frank Gaffney


Blaine Pardoe: Rarely have I read a book with such a bone chilling narrative that wasn’t a work of horror. The frightening part of the indictment is that it’s real. The threat of China is real, the risks to our culture, society, our nation, they’re all dangerously real. Frank Gaffney does not offer his opinion of this threat. He brings the receipts in the forms of data, quotes, experts and evidence. China’s declared war on every aspect of the American way our children, our religious institutions, our history and our freedoms. If you believe that the threat from China is some sort of false narrative, you need to read this book. If you think you understand the complexity of China’s assault against our culture, [00:02:00] this book is actually designed to give you the big picture.



Blaine Pardoe: [00:00:27] Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea. This is Blaine Pardoe, New York Times best selling author and the author of the Land and Sea series, as well as the Blue Dawn series. And welcome to Writer’s Fix Problems. As always, I love opening the show with a review of a book, and we’ve got a fantastic guest today to talk about the book, the Indictment. And first, I want to do a review and then we’re going to have a ton of questions. And I really want this author to get a chance to explain this [00:01:00] work because it’s something we all need to take a look at. In terms of the review of this book, rarely have I read a book with such a bone chilling narrative that wasn’t a work of horror. The frightening part of the indictment is that it’s real. The threat of China is real, the risks to our culture, society, our nation, they’re all dangerously real. Frank Gaffney does not offer his opinion of this threat. He brings the receipts in the forms of data, quotes, experts and evidence. China’s declared war on every aspect of the American way our children, our religious institutions, our history and our freedoms. If you believe that the threat from China is some sort of false narrative, you need to read this book. If you think you understand the complexity of China’s assault against our culture, [00:02:00] this book is actually designed to give you the big picture. Now, the mainstream media has ignored this subject or tried to serve it up to the citizens in piecemeal bits. For the first time ever, we get the entirety of the dangers all laid bare. Disregard this book at your own risk. That’s my review of the indictment, and I’d like to welcome you, Frank Gaffney, to this show. Thanks for coming on.

Frank Gaffney: [00:02:28] Blaine Thank you for that extraordinarily high praise. I appreciate being on the show as well as being able to bask in that glory. Thank you so much.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:02:37] You know, the book was my tone is a lot different. Usually I’m pretty upbeat on this show. And this this book kind of took the wind out of my sails because all of the aspects you’ve assembled here, I’ve seen bits and pieces of and had discussions on the Council of Future Conflicts and other shows about, but you’ve really kind of assembled something that’s very unique and special that I haven’t [00:03:00] seen in the world right now, which is the real threat that China poses. Before we dive into the book, I’d like you to give a chance to introduce yourself to our listeners. Talk a little bit about your background and maybe what inspired you to get into writing such an important book.

Frank Gaffney: [00:03:20] I appreciate the opportunity. The background to this is partly personal and partly be a team effort, and I’ll talk a little bit about both. I began my career working in the national security space for two very distinguished United States senators, one Democrat and one Republican, Scoop Jackson of Washington State, a Democrat, John Tower of Texas, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee at the time, and a Republican. And it kind of informed what I believed and practiced at the time as a kind of bipartisan [00:04:00] approach to national security policy making. It was taken to a new level, I believe, by the man who became president in 1980. And I had a privilege of working for from 1983 to basically the beginning of 1988. And that would be Ronald Reagan. And why that’s particularly relevant, Blaine, Is that Reagan? Came to office having explicitly sought the help of a group called the Committee on the Present Danger, of which he was a member, to formulate a different strategy towards dealing with what Reagan called his times existential threat to freedom. The Soviet Union, one that wasn’t engagement or, as we called it at the time, using a fancy French term detente wasn’t even about containment. It explicitly sought because it was, as he put it, an evil empire and a threat, mortal threat to the country [00:05:00] at the time to roll it back, to put it colorfully said, on the ash heap of history. And the reason this is all so important and relevant is I think we’re at a similar moment today.

Frank Gaffney: [00:05:12] Reagan, as I said, got this strategy from the committee on the present danger China. He went to the American people and asked for their mandate to execute it. He got it elected overwhelmingly and brought 33 members of the committee on the present danger China into his administration. I had the privilege of working with many of them and when he was done. So was the Soviet Union. And flash forward to today. What we have put our mind to. With a new group we call the Committee on the Present Danger China. Is to formulate strategies and seek mandates from the American people to implement them. And obviously, candidates [00:06:00] who are willing to run on that platform that will do a similar kind of take down, for want of a better term, of our times, existential threat to freedom. And that would be the. Chinese Communist Party vastly more dangerous than the Soviet Union was in its heyday. And I can say that based on my own experience dealing with it as a deputy assistant and then assistant secretary of defense under President Reagan with responsibility for nuclear weapons and arms control. And it will be, you know, the nature of this conversation that the lessons I learned in that period and those that I think are so present today are informing this book. The indictment, as are a series of some 70 or so webinars that we’ve conducted as a committee over the past 11 or so months. [00:07:00]

Frank Gaffney: [00:07:00] And the purpose has been to basically give the American people access to the most important insights and recommendations and policy options that this extraordinary group of people, our committee members as well as others that we’ve pulled in to help inform, just as you’ve said, Blaine and I honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. My hope has been that we would be able to equip people with a way of thinking about a complex set of facts, most of which are presented, if at all, piecemeal, to see how they come together in a grand strategy that has been designed and executed relentlessly against us for the better part of three decades now, by what is really properly understood, not so much a political party in China, not even the government of China, which it claims to be, as much as it’s a transnational [00:08:00] criminal organization. Guilty of nine charges we consider in this indictment crimes against humanity, most especially against the people of China and those they’ve enslaved, and Tibet and the Uyghurs in East Turkistan and Southern Mongolia and now Hong Kong. And then eight different charges we call war crimes because they’re being brought to us by a criminal enterprise and they call it unrestricted warfare. I’d be delighted to explore all of that with you, but that’s sort of the overview of what we’re about and how we got here.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:08:35] I got to tell you, it was the way the book is organized is so digestible and frightening, you know, because as you went through it, the first part of the book, you outline these nine indictments. I was curious if you were a lawyer by background, because these were so. Well, legal cases were built.

Frank Gaffney: [00:08:57] Not trained as one. No.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:08:59] Okay. The [00:09:00] the you know, you really consolidated the attack on America to nine different fronts, as I would call it, or charges against the CCP. You know, and you started with the CCP has perpetrated crimes against its own people or its captive nations. And I’ve heard bits of this before and I’m going to go through each bullet, by the way, because they were good. But I’ve heard about this before. But what I’m kind of curious about is why doesn’t the why aren’t the American people being presented this more often? So much of our American foreign policy is about human rights, and we hear about that, especially under a Democratic president. That’s generally something that’s led with, as I went through what you had documented here, it’s chilling because I think I knew that this was going on and [00:10:00] I wasn’t as appalled as I should have been by what was going on. Why isn’t the media covering that particular aspect? Because you would think this would be something that they would gyrate to heavily.

Frank Gaffney: [00:10:16] Well, therein lies a tale, as they say. I think that the reason that the media. Hasn’t presented this information. The reason that our business community hasn’t presented this information, even though some of them are, you know, deeply involved in China and seeing firsthand some of these crimes, including slave labor, by the way, some of them are even using slave labor. The reason that we’re not hearing this from academics, we’re not hearing it from Hollywood, we’re not hearing it from people we have entrusted with the responsibility to represent us in government. Some, yes, but [00:11:00] mostly not, is the single most important part of the unrestricted warfare the Chinese Communist Party has waged against our country, in my opinion. And that is what they call. Elite capture. The practice of essentially buying or coercing or taking advantage of ideological affinity or other kinds of entrapment, sexual and the like to achieve essentially the suborning of our business, finance, media, academic, Hollywood culture and political elites. And they have therefore a vested interest in not telling the truth, not acknowledging it, certainly not ending their involvement in enabling it. And [00:12:00] that’s really when I have to say the reason for the indictment is we need to expose the enablers of this unrestricted warfare in our own country. We have to remove them from these kinds of positions of leadership so that we can actually understand what’s been done to us, what’s being done to us, what will be done to us if we persist in the kind of willful blindness these captured elites have promoted?

Blaine Pardoe: [00:12:29] You know, that’s actually one of your indictments. And I want to talk a little bit more about that. But let me go through just a couple of the others here. Your second one is that the CCP is at war with America, which you know, it is it there is a defined strategy to to come at the United States. The CCP has captured America’s elites and are using that using them to take us down almost from within. And that that point, the third [00:13:00] indictment and you just referenced it, is really important. And the question I wanted to pose to you and I didn’t quite capture it in the book, but I think it’s important to understand is do they know they’ve been captured or not? Because you referenced there’s a lot of the a lot of the funding that goes to politicians or these elites are done through a lot of shell companies and other entities. Do they actually even know that they’ve been captured or that they’re propped up by the Chinese government? Or is it that, Yeah, I know it and I fully embrace it.

Frank Gaffney: [00:13:39] Well, I suppose you’d have to ask them. Now, they may not tell you the truth, of course, but that’s a starting point. And in terms of identifying them, I’m. Privilege to have as a colleague, a fellow. I don’t know if you’ve interviewed him in the past, but I encourage you to do so. If not, his name is Trevor Loudon. [00:14:00] He’s from New Zealand originally, but makes his home here now and has spent most of his life documenting this problem of enemies within. He saw his own country lost to the Marxist years ago and he came here to try to ensure that ours would not be. And he’s just done two very important multi-volume books. The first is called Security Risk Centers. In which he’s established and documented assiduously that 40. Out of the 100 members of the United States Senate. Have been captured by the Chinese Communist Party in most cases by their. Ideological front groups here. In some cases also by Islamists. But mostly, I think, the CCP, the Marxists. He’s got a six volume. There’s two volumes in that set, six volume set he calls House Un-americans, [00:15:00] which is in the process of rolling out. There are 100 members of the United States House, states, House of Representatives that he characterizes as similarly captured. So when you talk about captured elites, when you talk about willful blindness, when you talk about the.

Frank Gaffney: [00:15:23] Recognition by those involved in it. I personally believe they can’t possibly know. Anything other than that they are now working for the Chinese Communist Party. You know, Eric Swalwell slept with a spy. Dianne Feinstein was discovered to have had one as her. Not just her driver, her office manager for a decade. Judy Chu. And as I say, many, many others have long established relationships. Joe Biden, his son, explicitly said [00:16:00] he was taking money from Chinese intelligence. So the idea that there’s some innocence here, there’s some failure to really understand who these guys are, what they’re asking you to do, and that you are doing it to the benefit of the Chinese Communist Party and to the detriment of our country. I just find incredible and I don’t think people should give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s one of the reasons why we’re preferring these charges. We want this exposed. We want the facts brought to public attention. We’ll talk about prosecuting this first and foremost in the court of public opinion. The American people are entitled to know that they are being betrayed and we are entitled as a result, to end that practice by removing such people from positions of influence and power.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:16:54] Well, you know, almost to emphasize your point and this literally and I’ll talk about it a little [00:17:00] bit later, how much the situation is so fluid and changing. You know, we had just this last week be, you know, placed in charge of the Communist Party in New York. And it’s it’s not they’re not hiding in some cases what their involvement is. They they literally are embracing it and making it public. And being I’m 60 years old, I’m from the era of where Reagan was the greatest president up until Trump’s election. And I look back on that and go, if you had a member of Congress that had done that in the 1980s, they would have been run out of town on a rail and it just wouldn’t have happened. But we seem to be willing to look the other way and go, Well, that’s not bad. That’s just a different political party. I don’t subscribe to that. And I think you really you know, to me that was one of the the best points you made in the book. You know, [00:18:00] you go on as well. Point four, you said that the CCP has waged biological warfare against America and the rest of the world. Indisputable, indisputable, what you presented there. The CCP is taking down our economy and our society, and I loved your your tagline to that. Worse yet, we’re paying for it. Um, that was great. I was wondering if you might want to expand on that a little bit because I found that chapter to be absolutely riveting.

Frank Gaffney: [00:18:34] You know, apart from that point about the elite capture, I think this is the most important other line of attack of the Chinese Communist Party. And, you know, it’s an example of elite capture as well. Wall Street in the persons of people like Larry Fink of BlackRock and Steve Schwarzman and Ray Dalio and Vanguard and Fidelity. Have transferred, [00:19:00] by some estimates, 3 to $6 trillion from our capital markets to Chinese front companies. I want to say front companies, that’s the case whether they’re. State owned enterprises or so-called private sector entities. They all work for the Chinese Communist Party. They have no choice. That’s the law. The key piece of this is. The individuals I’ve mentioned and others like them have made a fortune. Enriching the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese communists, of course, have been enriched beyond measure, and much of that has helped finance the unrestricted warfare against us. And also, by the way, the preparations for the perhaps next phase of this perhaps imminent next phase of this, namely the shooting war. The buildup of their military, in other words. Most, I think, of [00:20:00] the American investors whose money has been so deployed have no idea that they have put it to such uses, let alone that they may not ever get it back. Especially if there is a shooting war and the indifference of the dalios and the, you know, Sphinx and so on to that possibility. It seems to me, speaks volumes about the degree of their complicity in this particular criminal enterprise.

Frank Gaffney: [00:20:29] And I guess I would just say this has to stop. This has to end because we are, you know, the famous line attributed to Lenin. I’m not sure it was his, but the to the effect that the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them. As an adjunct to it, in the Chinese communist case, which is the capitalists will give us the money with which we will buy the rope, with which we will hang them. And [00:21:00] especially if that money may all be lost. It is unconscionable. It is a travesty. It is a national security disaster in the making. And could I just make one other point? Connecting because this book is basically all about that. The man who made all of this possible. By presiding over the completion of a negotiation in May of 2013. That allowed the Chinese Communist Party to have preferential access to our capital markets. The arrangement negotiated under the purview of the then vice president of the United States, a guy by the name of Joe Biden was that the Chinese, unlike any American company, unlike any other company anywhere around the world, could get into our capital markets, into the pockets of American investors. [00:22:00] Without having to conform to our laws or our regulations which were designed to protect those investors against, among other things, fraud. And fraud is, of course, what the Chinese Communist Party does.

Frank Gaffney: [00:22:15] It’s part of their international criminal, transnational criminal enterprise. It’s again, outrageous, but it helps explain. The point that you asked about earlier. Blame. This president. Has for 15 odd years, at minimum, been actively aiding and abetting the mortal enemies of our country, the greatest existential threat to freedom we’ve ever faced. He has never been held accountable for it. And to the point you kind of touched on earlier, why is it that we’re not. I’m actually being. Let in on the dirty little secret here. Well, I think it’s partly [00:23:00] because people who have been perpetrating this criminal conspiracy, this racketeering, who are accomplices to the crimes, war crimes against our country and, well, crimes against humanity as well to some extent. They have gotten away with it. And profited from it. So why would anybody allow a word to be said about it, especially when that man is no longer the vice president, He’s the president of the United States, and he has populated his administration with people who are similarly captured. And he’s, of course, working with those members of Congress in the Senate and the House who have been captured. In other words, we are facing a level of rot in our system engineered by the Chinese communists with the willing help of American friends, as they call them. That has to end if we are to survive the onslaught that is underway [00:24:00] and may well be about to get much, much worse.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:24:03] I think your book is actually going to be a very important component of the upcoming presidential election, because I think a lot of what we have to take a look at is the difference between the two lead candidates, which at this point is Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Trump is, you know, the Biden administration has taken the stance that China isn’t an enemy. They’re a competitor. And Trump has taken the stance of Chinese. The Chinese government is a threat to the United States. And that dichotomy of positions, I think, is actually going to be a key component of what we see unfold in the next year. And that’s why your book is actually going to be really important, because I think people are going to have to pick this up and read it to fully understand what is going on, because it is downright frightening what we’ve been seeing. So, you know, kudos to you for pulling this together, as. [00:25:00]

Frank Gaffney: [00:25:00] They say, from your lips to God’s ears. And I would just say that’s really the purpose of this book, as I say, was imprinted as a very young man with this idea of Reagan crystallizing things in his time, going to the American people, explaining what was going on in the form of detente and asking for them to essentially order a course correction, We desperately need that. Now, you know, there I think hopefully going to be a number of candidates who will be clear eyed about this and offering the American people a corrective and we must settle for nothing less.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:25:40] Absolutely. I agree. You know, and to go through some of your other points here, because, you know, I don’t want to we could spend an entire show on any one of these. It’s that good. Um, you know, you’ve got the, you know, 0.6. The CCP and the Allies have ravaged America’s energy security. [00:26:00] The CCP enablers are taking down the US military. They’re waging a divide and conquer political warfare against the United States. I’m out of all those. The energy security piece wasn’t a big surprise to me. And the fact that they’re trying to take down the US military, I think that in many respects that bleeds into your point eight about the divide and conquer of the political warfare. Can you talk a little bit about that? Because I’ve had to live through it. I had a publisher cancel me and go after me because I was too conservative, etcetera. And so I’ve been one of those frontline warriors myself. But I’d like you to talk a little bit about that divide and conquer, because I think that’s a to me that resonated on both the personal level and something that we see in our culture everywhere.

Speaker3: [00:26:54] Yeah.

Frank Gaffney: [00:26:56] I think we do see it everywhere, but we don’t understand [00:27:00] its provenance. And really this is cultural Marxism. Mao Tse-Tung, who was the author of it and the first and most glory practitioner of it, used what he called class warfare and people’s war to try to defeat his enemies, the Kuomintang, the, you know, the pro-Western elements in China in the revolution, and then against the Communist Party itself, his enemies in it, at least during the subsequent cultural Marxism Cultural Revolution. Rather, this was a technique that was trained in Marxist elsewhere around the world. Those in our country have adopted it fully. It’s not so much used rooted in the idea of a class struggle as a race struggle. [00:28:00] To a considerable degree these days of their own creation. You know, I think one of the great tragedies of modern American history was we elected in Barack Obama, a man we thought many white voters thought was going to put race behind us once and for all. We had come so far in terms of civil rights and in terms of, you know, genuinely adopting and implementing the famous Martin Luther King dictum of judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. And lo and behold, Barack Obama and his administration, I think of this as really his third term, the Obama Biden administration, but starting in his first and working right on through, but most especially in this one, which, as he said he would prefer to do, he’s kind of sitting back, not accountable, not much in evidence, but unquestionably, [00:29:00] I think pulling the strings.

Frank Gaffney: [00:29:02] We’re into a full fledged race against race, environment fomented and and greatly intensified by critical race theory, which, as you know, is a Marxist operation. The Black Lives Matter. You know, shock troops, Antifa, BLM. Of course, its leaders profess to be trained Marxists and so much else of of this sort of clash between us, our families, trying to take those down. The whole Covid response, the idea of, you know, economic redistribution of wealth reparations and all this all of this is designed to do as Mao did, which is to divide and conquer the targeted population. And they’ve made huge [00:30:00] strides in it. I don’t know of a single American that isn’t aware at some level, maybe subliminal, but I think most of us pretty consciously that our country is being taken apart by this kind of ravaging. And again, we have to recognize it and we have to stop it. And the people who are perpetrating it here in the United States, as well as fomenting it from abroad.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:30:23] Yeah. These self-appointed social justice warriors just smack of China’s, you know, squads going around implementing social justice as they used to refer to it as well. You know, you had a really interesting line in at the end of that point, which I want to read from your book here. Welcome to Mao’s Cultural Revolution now being waged in America. That was a sobering line, but it really summed up the eighth point of your indictment. Put point nine is the CCP [00:31:00] is attacking America with subversive information operations. And this is where I really thought, you know, kudos to you and to your publisher, which I believe is Skyhorse for doing such a good job with this book. First of all, you covered the balloon situation, and I don’t think a lot of people understand that as a writer, you write a book and then there’s a period of time before the book is published and Skyhorse clearly opened this back up to you to cover the balloons. And you also covered the the CCP Police centers. And I’d like for you to talk about that because I didn’t realize it was as extensive as what was portrayed. And bear in mind, that was a splash in the news for one day that they busted this police center in New York. Haven’t heard a thing about it since, but when I read your piece, [00:32:00] I was like, okay, this is much more extensive. So I’d like you to kind of expand on that, if you would.

Frank Gaffney: [00:32:06] Well, thank you. Just one small corrective. I think there was a second bite on the overseas, as they call them, Chinese police service centers when Grace Meng, a congresswoman from I think it’s Brooklyn in New York, had a fundraiser in the Overseas Police Service Center that was busted. We did have a bit of time where Skyhorse Publishing and Steve Bannon, whose imprint this is the first book of room books, were willing to allow me to make a couple of adjustments and we were able to keep it fairly current. Look, these these two things have in common this general sort of line of attack of [00:33:00] the Chinese Communist Party’s unrestricted warfare against us, and that is to get right in our grill. To demonstrate their power to demean and demoralize us by overflying our country for a week. Loitering, doing figure eights so as to persist in their coverage of some of the most sensitive sites in America, and to have not just one of their so-called service centers and, by the way, the principal service that it renders, of course, all of these operations is that they enforce discipline on Chinese nationals in America, of whom there is quite a number, not just the 300,000 students, but large numbers of businessmen and of course, the people that are now resident in this country having gotten out of China and [00:34:00] taken up lives here, some of them getting here illegally and so on. But but what these service centers do is they will invite people, typically dissidents, people who are not conforming to the Chinese Communist Party line in for a conversation.

Frank Gaffney: [00:34:18] And what they’re doing is they are putting up on the screen in the room where that’s taking place. A video. I think often it’s live of a loved one. In China. Being serviced, if you will, in an actual police centre or some other interrogation unit. And it’s quite clear that this will go very badly for that loved one If the person in the United States doesn’t do what they’re told. Sometimes it’s, you know, I’m sure suborning other people, recruiting assets, propagandizing on behalf of the party, in some cases, it’s [00:35:00] having to go back to a very unattractive fate in communist China. But the point is that we were put on notice back in September of last year by a nonprofit think tank in Spain that these service centers, so-called, were operating all over the world, including at least one in the United States. The administration’s FBI went in and apparently searched this particular one in New York City a month later, but did nothing about it for another six months or so. And it wasn’t until after that one was finally rolled up that they acknowledged that there were apparently other ones operating in lots of other cities across our country. And their status is a little unclear to me. I think they may still be going. So when you look at this strategy of humiliating us, making us feel inferior, [00:36:00] that we are the declining power, that China is the rising one, it’s all part of this effort.

Frank Gaffney: [00:36:06] As the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu famously put it, it’s better to win without fighting. And these various unrestricted warfare techniques, arguably with the exception of that biological warfare stuff, are all pre kinetic, not so much non, but pre kinetic a technique, a term for the old fashioned kind of warfare, as I say. But we’ve got to be alive to all of it. And that’s really the point of the book. And I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to have somebody who is both an accomplished author in his own right. But a serious student of these matters say this really was helpful. It pulled together things that you hadn’t quite seen in that way. I pray that that will be the effect on an awful lot of other Americans. And indeed, my request is if people will heed your [00:37:00] encouragement to go get a copy of this book that they’ll get to for the purpose of giving the other one to somebody who represents you and who has the power to act on the 20 recommendations that are really as important as anything else in this book. Specific practical things that not only can be done, but must be done if we’re to survive our country in the face of this unrestricted warfare threat. Absolutely.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:37:27] I am so glad you brought that up, because there are multiple parts to this book. I was only going through the first part, which is the indictment. Part two of the book focuses on what we must do. And it is, you know, there’s 20 very crisp, clear points of action, calls to action, I would say, for the American people in there. You really get into as well the Americans that are kind of backing or are allies in this, so to speak. And [00:38:00] as well, what I really enjoyed and I’ve been going through this, folks, when you get this book, he outlines a long list of webinars it actually has printed in the book, the QR Code, so you can scan and join the webinar. And I’ve already gone through two, okay, because I only read the book. I finished it a couple of days ago in preparation for this, but I really went through it and the webinars really dive deep into these subjects. So this is not this book is more than just laying out, here’s the problem. It’s here’s what we need to do to fix it. And if you want to educate yourself and I recommend you do this, here’s where you can go for more information on that. And a lot of I got to tell you, that was a whoever came up with the idea of putting it in the book. Brilliant, because that’s the kind of stuff that really is going to help people learn more about these subjects. [00:39:00]

Frank Gaffney: [00:39:00] Yeah. And I just have to say, as I mentioned at the beginning, had it not been for those webinars and I’ve been privileged to moderate all of them and have learned myself an enormous amount from the extremely high caliber people that we’ve presented, this book would have been impossible, honestly. But with that help, with that feedstock of intellectual content and and recommendations, it was actually most of the heavy lifting was done by my friends. But what you’ve said is so true. We’ve tried to make the material you need to know to be not only an informed citizen, but a citizen capable of performing your duty to protect the country we love and to ensure its survival. As again, my favorite president, my old boss, Ronald Reagan, said, If we do otherwise, if we don’t recognize that [00:40:00] it is to every generation to contend with these existential threats, to freedom, to fight them, and to prevail in such a way that we can pass on to the next generation. The opportunity to do the same. Then we will be reduced to telling our children and our children’s children what it was like to live in the United States when men were free.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:40:25] It was. I got to tell you, your opening quote from Reagan in the book was just excellent. It just and I’m going to be using it in Twitter this week because it was just the timing is perfect, especially with all that we’ve seen going on. You know, this book was fantastic. And I’m recommending anybody who’s tuned into this today or who watches this show throughout the next couple of weeks, please pick this book up. It will codify some of your beliefs. It will stun and surprise you in the depth and totality that it’s covered. And [00:41:00] I think that’s what what really sells this book now. Watcher.

Speaker4: [00:41:04] Yeah if I if I may Yeah. Well first of all I just want to say as a as a. Decade or so long student of of China and the new century of humiliation. Um. I thank you for your service and I actually would like to extend to you an invite to actually both of the other shows that take place on this channel, both to Privy Council and the Council on Future Conflicts. I, I feel that you would have a lot to add in those forums. If you’re willing to join us, I’d be honored to do so. All right. I’ll reach out to you after this and make sure we’ve got contact information so that when we have an appropriate Chinese show, you can come in and further educate our viewers. Terrific.

Frank Gaffney: [00:41:47] Look forward to it. Thank you.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:41:48] Excellent watcher. Do we have any questions from folks who have joined us on the live feed?

Speaker4: [00:41:54] Um, so, you know, there’s there’s one while I go back and [00:42:00] search that I’d like for you to go ahead and clear up Frank because I saw what you’re doing. But I want to make sure that everybody else does as well. And it’s in audio format, not just the text corrective that I sent out. You referred multiple times to unrestricted warfare, which is both an accurate descriptor of what’s going on. But also, could you could you just briefly give everybody a primer on the actual book, Unrestricted Warfare and what it has to do with what you’re talking about?

Frank Gaffney: [00:42:24] Yeah. Yeah. Thank you for giving me that chance because it’s so critical. We’re not projecting on the Chinese Communist Party a doctrine or a policy approach, let alone actual execution of it. They told us that was what they were going to do to us. I think it started well before 1999, But in 1999, as you know, two senior colonels [00:43:00] in the Chinese Communist Party’s military and I use that formulation advisedly the People’s Liberation Army works for the Chinese Communist Party. It’s why I make the point that this is not really a government so much as it is a mafia. These two it’s not.

Speaker4: [00:43:20] It’s not structured as a as a government is only euphemistically.

Frank Gaffney: [00:43:24] Right. This these two colonels who went on, by the way, both to become decorated flag officers, general officers. Only got that book published because the Chinese communists approved of its publication. Of course. And what it said explicitly was they would use a host of techniques to destroy the United States. Prior to the point at which it could do so through traditional violent means, because back in 1999, they didn’t have a [00:44:00] prayer of having that kind of capability against the formidable United States military. So they called the book Unrestricted Warfare. The strategy the book called for is unrestricted Warfare. The lines of attack that they identify in there. And I think there are over 20 of them, including, by the way, biological warfare, explicitly identified as one of the things that the Chinese Communist Party needs to use to weaken and if possible, destroy us. All of that’s in the book. So all we’ve really done with these webinars and with the volume that’s trying to synthesize the most important points from them we call the indictment is to follow what they’ve done to showcase both the nature of the warfare, the line of attack, if you will, and how successfully they’ve prosecuted it. And I [00:45:00] again, I’m just enormously heartened that serious people like yourselves who know a lot about not only these subjects, but about, you know, how do you convey the quality and content and and disparate kinds of information that we have to work with here into a manner that’s accessible and usable and hopefully impactful? That’s why we did it. And I’m so, so pleased.

Speaker3: [00:45:26] Thank you. That’s great.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:45:29] What year? Do we have any questions out there from from viewers?

Speaker4: [00:45:33] No, we’ve we’ve mostly just had people agreeing. And the one question that we did have was was was early on about that specifically. Hold on just a second. We had one that just came in. So let me go ahead and pull that up so we can actually read it. Can we talk about how much influence the CCP might have over banks, hedge funds, campaign funds and how they use proxies so people don’t know they’re helping out the CCP?

Frank Gaffney: [00:46:03] I’m [00:46:00] not sure that I know the full extent of it, but I can tell you it’s extensive. Look at Silicon Valley Bank. A significant portion of the depositors who were paid cash. For what they had in that bank were from China. There are businesses from China. There are businesses doing business with Silicon Valley businesses. As to the money that is being put into political purposes, one can only guess at that. It’s of course illegal. But is it happening? Assuredly it is. It may be that they’re passing it through. Individuals who are of Chinese extraction, now naturalized citizens entitled to vote. And those contributions [00:47:00] are basically passthroughs. So I’m just saying that this is another topic that I don’t feel I can adequately characterize fully. But is it a problem? Are venture capital funds Sequoia, for example? There’s an ongoing effort or there was, I should say, an effort made by Devin Nunes after he became the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, when the House changed hands to look into this particular venture capital firm and its China subsidiary, I think it’s called Sequoia China. And interestingly enough, as part of a review of the problem that I was talking about, the amount of money American investors have mostly unwittingly put into China, Devin Nunes and [00:48:00] his staff circulated letters asking, I think it was some 28 different questions about what is the nature of your relationship with the Chinese Communist Party and its companies and only one.

Frank Gaffney: [00:48:17] Company declined to respond. And that was Sequoia Capital. And by the way, one of their chief investment figures is a is a Chinese expat and very highly regarded one at that in communist China. I think an adviser specifically to Xi Jinping, as a matter of fact. But they didn’t answer the mail. But what they did start doing, I’m told, and this is public knowledge, is they started making campaign contributions from Sequoia Capital employees, I understand, and maybe a pack of some kind in Kevin McCarthy’s leadership fund. Shortly thereafter, Devin [00:49:00] Nunez left to go to work for Donald Trump, and Mike Turner became the new ranking member of the Intelligence Committee. And one of the first things he did, I’m told, is he shut down that investigation.

Speaker3: [00:49:15] So this is.

Frank Gaffney: [00:49:15] The sort of thing that I’m hopeful that the new Congress with, among other things, a select committee focused on the threat we face from the Chinese Communist Party, will reopen those investigations and pursue them assiduously and help set the stage for the removal from positions of leadership and power in the financial sector, as in so many other areas of those who have been captured by, I say, our mortal enemy, the Chinese Communist Party.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:49:47] Well, Frank, this has been fantastic. And I really want to thank you for your time today and thank you mostly for the book because it’s just phenomenal. It’s called The Indictment. Folks, please go buy it. Is there [00:50:00] anything in terms of how people can connect with you or if they want more information, what’s the best way for them to engage that you want to recommend?

Frank Gaffney: [00:50:10] Sure. We’ve got a number of ways of doing that. I’m at Frank Gaffney. I think on all the platforms, the websites that I commend to you are our Center for Security Policies website. A very friend of mine calls resourceful website. It’s at secure is the easiest way to remember it. I commend also where those webinars reside and so much more a coalition we sponsor. I mentioned earlier on the committee on the Present danger under Reagan became the committee on the present danger China. Its website is present danger I also have a television program and radio show and you can find [00:51:00] all of those and daily commentaries that I put out at Securing America TV.

Blaine Pardoe: [00:51:07] Fantastic. Well, Frank, thank you very much for being on the show. Thank you again for such a great book. I’m encouraging anybody who’s watching the show, Please pick up this book. It is bone chilling. The amount of material that’s there and the depth that this book covers of the threat to the United States. Thank you all very much for joining Writers Fix Problems and we’ll talk to you again next week.