Frank Gaffney teases “The Indictment” on Bannon’s War Room at CPAC

The War Room with Stephen K. Bannon, Episode 2560 Part 2 — CPAC, March 2, 2023.


Stephen K. Bannon: [00:00:03] Okay, you’re back in the War Room. Natalie, hold up. We got a very special segment now. The indictment. Frank Gaffney, is this just more right-wing, over-the-top Xi Jinping? He’s partners with all guys on Wall Street. He’s partners with all the big corporations, with high tech, with everybody in Europe. He’s bringing a peace deal to Ukraine. Why are you picking on the Chinese Communist [00:00:30] Party and the senior leadership? Frank Gaffney?

Frank Gaffney: [00:00:33] I’m not picking on him. I’m trying to prevent him from destroying our country, which is what he has set out to do. Make no mistake about it. I’m with my colleague, Dede Laugesen, the Executive Secretary of our Present Danger: China.

Stephen K. Bannon: [00:00:47] Hang on. What Frank Gaffney is saying, is that racist to go after the CCP?

Member of the Audience: [00:00:54] Not at all. CCP is different. We are different from CCP. Chinese Lo Bai Jing [00:01:00] against CCP.

Frank Gaffney: [00:01:02] Let’s hear it for the Lo Bai Jing.

Stephen K. Bannon: [00:01:04] Take down the CCP. Take down the CCP. Take down the CCP.

Frank Gaffney: [00:01:11] Start by indicting them — in the court of public opinion, if not in federal court. It is, as Steve likes to say, a transnational criminal organization. It has engaged in war crimes against our country [00:01:30] already. And crimes against humanity and against the Chinese people.

Stephen K. Bannon: [00:01:37] The worst dictatorship in the world. But hang on. I’m interested in going after the CCP, but I’m as interested in going after the CCP’s collaborators here in the United States of America. Are you going to do that? Do you have the stones to do that?

Frank Gaffney: [00:01:51] The prosecution is of the CCP and its enablers in America and those are the guys [00:02:00] who are engaging in treason. You mentioned Wall Street. I say it every time I’m on this show. They’re sending your money to fund their attacks on us.

Stephen K. Bannon: [00:02:10] I want this audience to understand how it’s their money that shifted the factories over to China. And it’s their money that is financing the CCP. Here’s the thing. The five families that run the five factions are the five wealthiest families on Earth. They make the Saudis look like peasants. Talk to me about how they’re [00:02:30] using their money, their pension fund money and their tax money to fund themselves.

Frank Gaffney: [00:02:35] This is the dirty little secret, folks. One element of that unrestricted warfare the Chinese Communist Party has engaged in against us for decades is the economic warfare piece. They’ve bought up people that Steve used to work with on Wall Street, and those guys take your money from pension funds and mutual funds and index funds and exchange [00:03:00] traded funds, and they send it to the People’s Liberation Army’s companies to wage war against us, not just the unrestricted kind. The shooting kind.

Stephen K. Bannon: [00:03:09] It can’t happen. That can’t happen because you have Congress oversees this and the Biden regime oversees this. So it couldn’t possibly happen.

Frank Gaffney: [00:03:19] Well, that’s why we need an indictment, folks. We saw the first hearing this week and those guys are talking about a lot of problems. But this is not the time to just admire the problem. It’s [00:03:30] the time to prosecute the case.

Stephen K. Bannon: [00:03:32] To prosecute the indictment. Where do they go, Frank? Where do they go to get the indictment?

Frank Gaffney: [00:03:36] is where we’re starting right now. We’re going to roll it out.

Stephen K. Bannon: [00:03:42] We’re going to have a huge announcement about The Indictment, the book, but right now you go to

Frank Gaffney: [00:03:46], You can preorder it now and I encourage you to do so.

Stephen K. Bannon: [00:03:54] Do we have an extra mic up there because Matt is… Matt Gaetz in the house. Matt [00:04:00] Gaetz. Just go up and grab a microphone. Hold it. Frank Gaffney, We’re starting a new project to prosecute the Chinese Communist Party and their collaborators here in the United States. Is that something you agree with and is that something that you think you’re prepared to back in Congress?

Matt Gaetz: [00:04:16] Well, we had a China initiative when Donald Trump was president. And lo and behold, one of the first things that the Biden administration did when they took over the Department of Justice was to dissolve the special focused effort to go after people who are working [00:04:30] with the CCP. A matter of fact, I think Natalie Winters goes after the CCP a lot harder than the entirety of the Biden administration.

Stephen K. Bannon: [00:04:36] Natalie Winters goes after the CCP harder than Congress!